The Air Dragon spawns in the Mystery Realm In The Island Of The Skies. It comes out of a massive crater in the middle of the Island Of The Skies, when your within 10 blocks range of the crater, The Air Dragon will fly out. The Air Dragon has 1000 hit points.



A Charged beam of Air spews forth from the Air Dragon's mouth, blasting you back 100 or more spaces, and doing 25-72 damage. It looks like a large ray of clouds.

Summon cloud minionsEdit

Summons a cloud minion, a Small snow golem-like creature, meant to distract the player. Has 1 HP, and drops nothing, not even EXP.


The air dragon hits you with it's mighty paw, and does 30-50 damage, and you fly back 5 spaces.

When killed, he drops an Air Egg, and that must be surrounded with wool , and after a in-game week, the wool has veins of black, or if it is black wool ,white. First person to break any wool block owns the Air Dragon.


The air dragon must be fed with five wool per day, or it will become Feral, and hostile. As it is a Purebred Dragon, you get an egg. There is an exeption for this in Multiplayer; see Feeding Dragons.


To ride dragons would be similar to ride horses you right click on your tamed dragon and a menu will come up containing 5 inventory slots and a slot for an Air Saddle hold down F to use your primary attack Blast and G to use your secondary attack Rake