The Altaviri are strange, tall creatures. Nobody really knows about them. The ones that live near the Halflings have a hard time buying stuff in between all of the tiny men, so they often gather recources theirselves. On the contrary, the ones that live near the Elves have a pretty awesome life, and lots of just-a-little-less-tall friends. 

An average Altaviri is 3 blocks high. They fit trough 2 block high spaces (For the sake of entering Towers) when they crouch, but their movement speed is greatly decreased while doing so. In exchange for them beeing bigger than other races, they gain 25% additional health/mana per point spent into fortitude/wisdom. These are his starting stats:

Starting stats
Strength 8
Dexterity 11
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 9
Fortitude 12

Altavari's are a balanced race, yet lean towards Archers.