Breeding dragons is easy all you need are both the dragon and the blocks you use to hatch them for example if you give a fire dragon a peice of wool and i air dragon a peice of glowstone it imeddiately is a breed when they breed a egg will drop  for example this will drop the electric dragon egg you hatch it with a 3x3x3 box of glowstone or wool its your choice you need the electrolyzed dragon saddle for the electric one ill go through breeds now


Dragon Dragon New Dragon Saddle Type

air         fire       electric      electrolyzed

fire        water       steam        Evaporating

earth       air       floating rock     Reinforced

Super BreedsEdit

Dragon      Dragon          New Dragon          Saddle Type

lightning     steam            Hot Lightning           ash

steam         floating rock   gusting island       moving island

floating rock  lightning      firery crystal           burning island