Hey guys, I am wrnewlun. I will probably become a frequent poster, because, this is awesome.

Wizard ArmorEdit

Ever see that wizard who runs around in dragonscale armor? Ridiculos. I think that wizards should get cloaks, or something similar, which would be low in Defense, but very high in enchantments. This way, wizards would be a lot more effective at lower levels, and the cloaks could have damage reduction (DR). It also might be cool to make the Wizard mob walk around in this armor, just for the effect. I think it'd be cool if this piece of armor, the Cloak, would be a one piece set, including a Chest, Legs. Then we could get Hoods (where possibly rangers could wear these, but not fighters). Hoods are the same Idea, heavily enchanted, low in defense. Then limit the wizards to leather or cloth shoes, which might also be highly enchanted, but if so, warriors and Rangers shouldn't be allowed them.

Ranger ArmorEdit

Ranger armor might be pretty much the same, just limit them from the heavier armors, like bronze and such, and instead give them armors with low DR and low defense, and a few enchantments. We could take away the Helmets, and limit them to Hoods, like wizards, and maybe the same thing with Leather Boots, and Cloth Boots.

Warrior ArmorEdit

I think the Warrior, if we followed the two above ideas, should get way less enchantments, and instead get higher defense on their Armor. The only limitation would be to not let them wear Cloaks or Hoods.

Weapon RestrictionsEdit


Warriors are probably the only class I have a problem with, and that is that they can use wands. Wizards it makes sense, obviously, it's their chosen weapon. Warriors possess no real magical talent though, that's why they use a sword or whatever. Ranger's might not be able to use wands because they don't make much sense there.

Bows Rangers only. No questions

Melee weapons (excluding swords)

Rangers shouldn't be allowed, neither should wizards. It's not their job. Swords are though, good for close defense.

Balkon's Weapons ModEdit

I don't know what your guy's plan is, but Balkon's Weapon Mod is a very good, light mod that adds a bunch of weapons to the game. Besides the guns and cannons, I think that it would be VERY cool to have, and you guy's should seriously consider talking to the creator, see if you can incorporate it.