This is my list of what they should add to the hack/mine mod (By the way, I can't install mods, I use tekkit)

shadow menEdit

The height of ender men. Can jump two blocks high. It would work well with archer...

Definite agility.

Necromancer (class)Edit

Could use dark Mage attacks and is fast and can climb walls You could get by rerolling once you found a diamond.

the rest of the stuffEdit

The non class or race stuff is here

stalagmites and stalactitesEdit

There giant needles of rock in caves. That's all.

necromancer (mob)Edit

Uses necromancer attacks and has its ability. I'm going to provide a pic of what it would look like soon.


I learned about this on scribblenauts. Awesome guardian that will kill hostile mobs.when killed it provides ten levels. Found in tengu mansions. His own page is here.

tengu mansionsEdit

A giant house that spawns one tengu and quite a few iron golems and villagers. Hostile mobs flee from it. I'll add pics of tengu and tengu mansion soon.

That is currently it! Please, only mention ideas in the comments. If I like them, they go on the page. I would love a review!