The area where the world is purified. Not a place for noobs! I forgot to add my name to the title! I'm sorry. It's by robo.

accessing the finale towerEdit

It's not like you can walk right into it. No, a process must be completed.

step 1Edit

Find 5 towers and 4 dungeons. Conquer them all. At the ending chest, pick up the mysterious piece for dungeon and mysterious shard for tower.

step 2Edit

Place them in the crafting table like so. P= piece S= shard


step 3Edit

You will have a freak shard. Now, before I explain what that is, we must find the tower. Spawns as frequently as a normal tower, but 100 blocks from spawn(you can't spawn in it) and only spawns once. However, not that rare.

step 4Edit

Click on the door with a freak shard. Yes. That is all it does.

the tower itselfEdit

We finally got in! Now, lets take note of the surroundings. There one hundred floors.

Parkour floorEdit

a floor with random parkour and lava right underneath. Spawns frequently as and only the first floor. The floor is made of dirt, so archers and necromancer have an advantage.

arena floorEdit

one monster spawner has a roflconda, two fat rats, one supercharged creeper, four random elements of slimes, or veeeery rarely at floors above 50, a hostile tengu

break floorEdit

Spawns every five floors with a enchanted golden apple inside.

the roofEdit

Spawns a shadow who has your stats, a black texture with red eyes, and your race and does whatever you do. Random lava pits around. If the hero who summoned it isn't on the roof, acts like hostile tengu with the summoners stats and race.

message to editors and suchEdit

Please add ideas in the comments only. I would appreciate if you did.