Fire Dragon

The Fire Dragon will behave somewhat like the Enderdragon, but it inhabits the Nether. It has 2000 health (1000 hearts if you would be playing vanilla o.o) and doesn't take any damage from fire sources like the mage's Fireball, Firebolt wands, other weapons with added on fire damage (these will still do their regular damage, but the fire won't have any effect). It instead takes 100% criticals from any ice sources. 


This dragon has several attacks other than simply touching the player to deal damage to him.

Hot BreathEdit

The Fire Dragon will breath fire that'll deal constant fire damage to the player as long as he touches one of its flames. This will set the player on fire.


Instead of firing lots of tiny flames, the Dragon will breathe a huge fireball that makes an explosion 1/2 as big as a charged creeper's. This fireball will do huge amounts of damage, but doesn't move too fast, so easy to dodge.

Hatching the eggEdit

In order to get the Fire Dragon's egg to hatch, one needs to entirely cover it in Glowstone and wait seven in-game days. Once this time is over, brown-grayish (soul sand) veins will appear on the Glowstone and when these blocks are broken, the player who breaks them will be the dragon's owner. If he has a Burning Saddle, he can mount it.


It must be fed with two netherrack per two days, other wise it will become feral and hostile. As it is a Purebred Dragon, you get the egg back.


When riding the Fire Dragon if you click F it will do its primary attack "Hot Breath" and G will shoot its fireball.