The Lich is a Epic mob found in the last rooms of dungeons. It has 15000 hitpoints and will appear in level 30+ dungeons only. 


The Lich has several attacks, other than just dealing damage by "touching" the player.

Raise UndeadEdit

If the Lich is the boss randomly chosen, the last room will have 2-4 white-colored and 3-5 green-colored Stone Bricks. If the Lich uses this spell, skeletons will appear from the white ones and zombies from the green ones. The level of said minions is the current area's level +5.

Cursed FlamesEdit

The Lich will open its mouth and a green pulsing orb will come out, leaving a trail of green fire while quickly dashing into the players direction and giving a Nausea I effect to the player for 5 seconds if he is hit, aswell as doing 35 damage and giving 10-20 nature damage. 


If the Lich uses this, he'll throw himself up into the air, "spin" at the highest point, then come down and knock every player back (Similiar to the Mage's Gale, but instead of mobs, affects players) aswell as doing 50 damage to them.


If the Lich is killed, he will drop 12-23 "Pieces of Meteor", wich are used in crafting Meteoric-tier items. He will always drop 3-6 "Greater Leech" scrolls and a Epic Item, aswell as 3 Rare Items.