Magical AbilitysEdit

These Magical Abilitys are crafted but are very rewarding so far there is five these are them

oh and right click the scroll  while holding it and you get the power


Levitation is not that great but it still very cool here is the description of it: Your the flying type soar to amazing heights and impress everyone.

just press c and you'll go free flying just like creative mode press f and you'll fall down and take no fall damage perfect!

Electricity ManipulationEdit

Whoa, you're one heck of a powerful person! This power allows you to call lightning out of the sky, shock people, and power electric items just by touch! You can be a little mean, but really, you're just protective of what you believe in.

With this power just press g and you will call lightning where your cursor is this will imeddiatly heal and Electric Dragon

Keeper of all elementsEdit

With this power, you are able to control all of the four elements. You could shoot fire balls, earth balls, water and air balls! You could do everything to do with all of the elements. 

presss y to shoot fireballs will make one block fire and set players and creatures on fire near by

press u to shoot air balls it will blast away both players and creatures (including dragons)

press i to shoot earth balls this will make a 17x17x17 square of dirt blocks

press o to shoot water balls it will freeze players and mobs in 17x17x17 area around it and make a 17x17x17 square of water


I know the mage already has this but with this one when you press g it has two options you can put in coordinates for singleplayer and multiplay or tp to a player just multipllayer


You can explode things by the flash of your hands, a nifty power if you know how to use it. There are always upsides and downsides with a power. Upsides are that you could put your annoying brother on fire(just if i could) or  melt snow. Downsides are that you could kill people or destroy somebody IMPORTANT!!! You will realize this power when you are  7-12 years old. Sorry that you have to wait so long, but explode your way through it

sets off 17 blocks of TNT

just press r



g = ender eye q = diamond block o = feathers




Electricity Manipulation

g = ender eye q = diamond block o = lightning ball




Keeper of all elements

g = ender eye q = diamond block f = lava bucket u = water bucket o = white wool p = stone block





g = ender eye q = diamond block o = ender pearl





g = ender eye q = diamond block o = TNT