Based off this charming dude, The Weeping Angle.

The Just-a-statue is found in dungeons or a sandstone version in the desert. If in direct eyesight, it looks like a normal statue of a Steve, of either stone or sandstone, depending on what kind. But the second you are not looking at it, it goes into attack mode and it does area level times two damage. So a level 6 area would have it do twelve damage. It has the same amount of health as a vanilla player in full, unenchanted diamond armor, as it is made of enchanted stone. The sandstone has the health of the same player in iron armor.

Drops: Cobblestone (normal) Chiseled Sandstone (Sandstone)

Uncommon drops: Gold coin (normal) silver coin (Sandstone)

Rare drops: Iron sword (Normal, sword at half health) Bottle o' Enchanting (All) Stone sword (Sandstone version, sword at 3/4 health) 

It gets it's name, as people have been repeatedly been found in the desert, staring at a statue, saying, over and over again "Just a statue, just a statue,it's just a statue".  

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