H/M is in 1.3.2 right now, and hunger was added in 1.8 beta (I think), and yet, no food is needed, but you find porkchops and the ilk in low level areas, and in some high level area. So, I'm okay if no hunger bar is added, but I have some ideas for foods that I think suit the game well.

Flat breadEdit

This goes with my Grinder idea, where you place wheat in a thing called a Grinder, and get bread. To make bread, you should take flour, and a water bucket on a crafting table, and that makes flatbread dough. Then, you can add seeds (dough in middle seeds around), and get dough. Put either in a furnace, and you get bread or flatbread, depending on the dough. 

Bubble teaEdit

Just for the lols, (considering how silly the game is already) you can add three slime balls to a water bucket, across the top of the crafting table, and get Cold Bubble tea, and put that in the furnace, and you Bubble tea. Drink either, and you a Speed effect, the Bubble tea being better then Cold Bubble tea.


A plantable crop, grows like carrots, and can be turned into salad but putting a bowl under one on the 3X3 grid. Edible raw too. 

What do you think?