This idea attempts to adress some of the common issues involved in starting a new game and some of the proposals to solve them.

The ProblemEdit

Weapon durability and class specific weapon usage might spell issues for a new player who is unaware. For example, imagine your only starting weapon runs its durability course through and for some rhyme or reason, you've sold or lost all the weapons you had to your name with no coins or village to adress the issue. In case and point, a ranger cannot simply build a bow without attaining string; therefor needing to kill spiders. Problematic.

The SolutionEdit

Similar to a "hearth stone" (WoW adaption), a hot-bar quick spell generates a single item with lesser or equivalent to spawn item value and/or warping you to a spawn town of sorts to procure that you now have to start from your initial spawn as a cost of ignorance. Perhaps this warp or weapon values could be altered as a means of keeping up with game progression, ultimately a saftey net in case of losing all means to fight.