The Paladin is a class focused on defending itself and others. His starter item will be a Wooden Club. This class goes best with the Buro race, as this race has the highest fortitude. The Paladin is useful when in teams of 1-3 people, but if you're playing as Buro, your team members might forget about your unusual dimensions (same as spider).


The Paladin has 5 spells, mostly focusing on his own survivability or causing mobs to attack him and ignore other players. He also has one special ability (like the ranger's climbing).


Upon using this spell, all mobs within 10 blocks will be thrown in the caster's direction. This does NOT affect players, and therefore this is useful when one of your teammates is beeing attacked by large numbers of monsters. It has a cooldown of 15 seconds (This is opposite of the Mage's Gale) and costs 30 mana per cast.


When using this, a dark-green forcefield (similar to a charged creeper's one) will appear around the caster, raising his defense by 10*fort0.1 for 30 seconds. His walking speed will increase by 50% for the exact same duration. If the 30 seconds are over, the player walks 20% slower and his defence goes to 0 for 2.5 seconds. This spell has a cooldown of 90 seconds (1.5 minutes) and will cost 10*fort0.25 mana.


This spell will raise all of the Paladin's stats by 1*wis0.25 for 60 seconds. It has a cooldown of 3 minutes (180 seconds). Always consumes 50 mana.


Using this spell will decrease the accuracy of all skeletons, blazes, ghasts, goblin archers and wizards within 50 blocks by 35% and will also lower the amount of blocks mobs (ANY mob) can see you from, this also having a reach of 50 blocks. This lasts for twenty seconds. Costs 10*fort0.50 mana.


This spell will consume a Brown and a Red Mushroom in the player's inventory upon casting. This spell will NOT work if there aren't both kinds of mushrooms present in the caster's backpack. The Paladin's health will be 2.5x as big, same for the Paladin wich also will be 2.5x as big, and if the Paladin is in a small space upon casting, all blocks that he needs to grow will be destroyed. Any monster he touches will take 10 dmg per second (as long as it is still touching him) This effect will last for a minute and there is NO way of canceling it, so be careful when casting it. Cooldown of a minute.


The Paladin's health regains 1.5 times as fast as other classes. His mana will regain 25% slower than regular so that this class is less underpowered.


This class will level as any other class does, but since he is designed especially for taking hits, he recieves 1.15 times as much XP upon killing something.