Racial Villages are a special kind of village within Hack Slash Mine. These villages are inhabited by either: Steves, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves or Halfings. Each vilage sells a particual form of item and serves a certian purpose within the game. 

In this page, there will be a breif overveiw of each and every village with a link to the main page regarding that village. 

Dwarven FortressesEdit

Somewhat resembling Strongholds, Dwarven Fortresses are massive complexes, with many levels, and many rooms. Each fortress has at least a: Mining/smithing level, a living-quarters level, and an entrance level.

These villages (if they can be called that) often supply high-end weapons and armours to their clients. 

Dwarven Fortresses

Halfing HamletsEdit