Searchers are a strange race. The main reason they're is called "strange" is because of their size: Searchers are the smallest intelligent creatures that inhabit the land of Minecraftia (1x1x1). They weren't feared by any race at all, even the Halflings treated them as if they were little annoying bugs. The Searchers wanted this to stop and started training, and finally got the strongest race of Minecraftia, but doing this caused them to become the dumbest, too, so the only thing they're good at is just brutely attacking.

Beginning stats

Strength 15
Agility 4
Dexterity 7
Intelligence 3
Wisdom 9
Fortitude 11

Used asEdit

Since the Searcher has such a high Strength, this is the ultimate berserker class. It swings slowly but does huge amounts of damage, fits trough 1 block high spaces (wich does get real annoying in combat and building, but it's useful while mining) and is a good choice for singleplayer, if one wishes to go pure beserker (strength).