Secret WritingEdit

All Hack/Mine Blocks and Mobs should have secret writing codes as their names so if you hovered over Mithril Ore it would say ˆ†˙ˆ®ˆ¬  Ø®´ how do i do this well its easy on most computers there should be two buttons saying Fn and alt hold Fn and alt and write to write like this  ¥˚˙†ç¬∫¥˚∫¥˚ ˆˆ¥˚ It's that easy


Here is the Code

there are also Capital ones

a: å b: ∫  c: ç  d:∂  e: ´  f: ƒ  g: lol it doesnt have one just make it 2     h: ˙  i: ˆ  j: ∆  k: ˚  l: ¬  m: µ  n: ˜  o: ø   p: π   

q: œ r: ® s: ß t: † u: ¨  v: √  w: ∑ x: ≈ y: ¥ z: Ω

A: Å B: ı C: Ç D: Î E: ´ F: Ï G: still dont have one just make it 3 H: Ó I: ˆ J: Ô K:˚  L: Ò M:  N: ˜ O: Ø P: ∏ Q: Œ

R: ® S: Í T: † U: ¨ V: √ W: ∑ X:≈ Y: Á Z: Ω

Tome of SolitudeEdit

The Tome of Solitude looks just like a written book but inside it reads the Code its the only way to know what your mining and things( apart from looking here )

Crafting g= rubie q= coal