Getting tired of how the orcs sound like zombies? How about the Nagas? How about how the Roflcondas make the same sounds as creepers? Or what about the pig sounds for wizards? Well, I'd like to get rid of it. I don't like the repetition, and it seems downright lazy. No criticism intended, this the BEST mod out there for minecraft, and you guys have covered just about every possible thing you can, but I have a request, and I would be glad to work privately with you guys about this, BEFORE 0.6 is released, officially. I'm not to sure how exactly you have it, or how you have them run off of the sound files, what I think is happening is that Orcs, Nagas , and the rest of the bunch are just using the same generic sounds, running off the same files as vanilla mobs. Well, if you could change/add the resources, so that there were just slots for me to plug in sounds, then I could do my part and we'd be done. Again, I bet it's not that simple, but if we could do that, it'd make the mod even better than before, if that's even possible.

Thanks, this is for you Friz,