Throwing Daggers appeared in most RPG's and thus, why not in Hack/Mine?


They are consumables wich mean they only have one use. They can be stackable tough. They do damage based on the player's Dexterity- they have 12-14 base damage.


There are several tiers of Daggers:

Iron DaggersEdit

They are crafted by putting a Iron Ingot on top of a stick (this will give you 16 of them) and these have 12-14 base damage.

Posioned DaggersEdit

These are almost identical to Iron Daggers, but have a Spider Eye on top of the Iron Ingot and does 13-15 damage, with 1-6 Nature Damage aswell.

Lightning DaggersEdit

Crafted by putting a Lightning Shard under a Mithril Ingot (this'll craft 16 of them) and will summon lightning from the sky where it hits it. Does 24-31 Lightning damage.

Dragon TeethEdit

These are the highest tier daggers and 3-7 will drop from all Dragons on death. Do 33-52 damage and aren't craftable. As they are only achievable by killing dragons, they can have damage-affecting prefixes/suffixes on them.