Yoggoth is the planet of Evil. That may sound like something from a bad novel, but in H.P lovecraft's works, all Evil in the universe dwells here. It must have a portal summoned by a complex (not really) ritual.

Making the portalEdit

To make the portal, you must make a 5 long, 8 high portal out of Netherrack, then you must fill it with diamond blocks. Then you must take a Splash potion of Harm and throw it on the diamond blocks, and throw a gold nugget at the portal, and, BOOM your on your way to Yoggoth!

What it should look likeEdit

It will look hellish, not like the Nether, but still very creepy, dark, and will have screaming and wailing in it. There will be Temples of Sacrifice as naturally generated structures. It will have three mobs only in Yoggoth (not counting the Old ones).


Hell snakesEdit

Like Roflcondas, but explodes into fire, and it cuases 10-50 damage.

Tortured soulsEdit

Looks like a steve, and has no real attack, but it screams and wails, and if you get to close, they will give you the Blindness effect.

Darkened onesEdit

Look like an elf, but with two swords, one iron, one diamond,  and they do 70-100 damage, and they will attack in groups of 8-15 Darkened souls.